2010. május 9., vasárnap

csokipudingot vacsorára!

banán és eper. tökéletes vacsora. egy kanál kakaó- és karobporral pedig fennséges desszert.. imádom a nyerskonyhát!

2010. május 5., szerda

ice cream cake contest

ezt a bejegyzést kivételesen angolul írom. Norka gyönyörű orgonatortája után az én verzióim is elkészültek Heather nyers fagylalt torta versenyére, és a nevezés feltétele többek közt egy blogbejegyzés a költemény(ek)ről.

Heather's mouth watering photos always make me wanna create something in the kitchen immediately :)
however i have no time at all these days, i couldn't help getting on her row vegan ice cream cake contest! i couldn't stop thinking about cakes, and few days ago i woke up with 2 variations in my mind i just had to prepare..

this white cake maybe looks simple, but after i tasted it's orange blossom cream, i only felt like adding a little sour crust and some ginger whipped cream on top, nothing more.
the recipe is based on Heather's raw ice cream cake book's vanilla ice cream, except that i used coconut pulp substituting the half of the cashews, added orange blossom water and a few drops of lemon juice, omitted the coconut oil and the vanilla.
for the crust i used sprouted, dried buckwheat, lime juice and honey.
to the whipped cream, i added a big piece of fresh ginger, to get a hot gingery taste (it's sooo good with the orange blossom cream!)

the other cake is made of poppy seed and banana layers as an ice cream cake version of my simple dessert.
for the poppy layers, i ground poppy seeds to a cream, and mixed it with orange oil drops, date paste and water.